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New Year’s Gift

Julia was blushing as she entered Tiya’s house. “Happy New Year Tiya!” , said Julia while handing over the new year’s cake to her mother. Tiya was suspicious, “she must have come to show her new year’s gift, what a show off girl she is”. Julia was Tiya’s neighbour and her classmate. Tiya never liked Julia because of her habit of showing herself the superior girl in the group. She talked with her very often , she didn’t liked seeing Julia’s new toys or dresses.

Julia, “look i got a pair of new slippers, as a gift this new year”. “Look, how pretty they are”. Tiya always tried to not get attracted to whatever Julia was praising. But, this time she couldn’t help being greedy for the same pair of slippers Julia had. “Where did you get them from, Julia?”. “My uncle brought them as a gift from London, they’re amazingly beautiful aren’t they?”. There went, a long talk between the girls about the slippers. Julia even began praising the other gifts her relatives gave her. But, Tiya was just staring at the slippers. There was something special about those slippers. They were coloured with sparkling pink and the colour glittered as sunlight fell on its smooth new surface. Then, after about a 3 hour talk, Julia went home with her mother.

It was evening now Julia’s mother had invited Tiya’s family to the ‘New Year’s Feast’ but Tiya was still thinking about the slippers.” Mother can I too get the same slippers that Julia wore?”. “They are really pretty, her uncle got them form London”. “Dear, your father’s income isn’t enough to fulfill our daily needs, how could I then even dream about getting you a new pair of slippers ?”. “That too from London”.

Tiya was really sad with her mother’s rejection to her proposal. She dressed up and sadly wore her old slippers while her mother was packing the freshly baked cake , that she had prepared for Julia and her family.

After the party, Tiya began searching for her slippers she opened near the front door. Suddenly her eyes fell on the pink slippers, she thought of stealing them. For a minute she told her stealing wasn’t a good thing. But , no one can win against one’s greed. She kept the slippers into her mother’s purse. And straightaway ran to home while her mother said she would be coming in a while. She hid the slippers into the cupboard’s back drawers.

The next day Julia came to school with an extremely unhappy face.” Tiya the pink slippers are stolen”. Tiya was afraid that Julia would name her the thief. But, she began crying. Tiya began comforting her while asking,” do you know who took them?”. “No, I just know they were mine. Whosoever took them isn’t good at all, who could make someone cry on new year”, Julia said while sobbing and crying.

Just as Tiya came home her mother told her about Julia’s stolen slippers. “You remember the slippers you have been talking about, they are stolen”. “She had been crying all night for them”.

Tiya now had her favourite slippers but, they now didn’t attracted her. She was now thinking that she was a thief, she made someone cry and she took the smile away from the face of Julia.

She packed the slippers in a pink gift wrapping paper and tied it with a red ribbon. She tiptoed to to Julia’s house and rung the bell as she placed the gift box near the door.
Julia came running and opened the gift box, Tiya walked to her room’s balcony and she was delighted to see Julia’s big smile as a reaction to getting her slippers. Tiya did this as she wanted to be a girl who gives happiness to others and not one who brings sorrow to someone.

Kumari Anushka
Kumari Anushka is a 13 year old girl. She has a very good command over english language and she is able to express her thoughts and emotion through her writing to the 7th heaven. She has been writing since she was 8 and is inspired from the great Indian writer of British origin Ruskin Bond.


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