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Simplest Things for Happiness

What do you think is more beautiful a coin of gold or a garden of tulips ?

We spend multiple hours of our days looking for comfort, happiness and a smile. But, do you know that happiness is hidden in the simplest things around us?

Why do we just attempt to seek happiness for us? There’s an even better way. Make others happy, then those people will return the moment of joy you gave them with extra love, care and warmth. People always seek out to be in spotlight, to be richer and to owe a big house and etc. They think these are the elements that make a compound called happiness.

But, can money really bring out the real smile on the face of the person who’s struggling with cancer or who’s walking towards the end of his life because of some disorder? No, it can’t. Happiness doesn’t come from eating trolls or some kind of medicine. Learn to appreciate the simpler and even the simplest things like insects, butterflies, flowers, the shining stars etc.

And a smile is considered a symbol for happiness, work towards putting smiles on as many faces as you can. Seeing others smile makes you smile as well. So, it is the best possible way of acquiring and distributing happiness. And one more quote at the end –

”A new pair of shoes would give more happiness to a child than a car would give to an adult.”

In nutshell, we must stop taking part in rat race for buying costliest things. Just buy simplest things for happiness.

Kumari Anushka
Kumari Anushka is a 13 year old girl. She has a very good command over english language and she is able to express her thoughts and emotion through her writing to the 7th heaven. She has been writing since she was 8 and is inspired from the great Indian writer of British origin Ruskin Bond.


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