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Minnie’s Ghost

Minnie’s Ghost

Read on to get a peek into this weird story and the story, is in no way, a horror story! Don’t get scared!

Minnie had her exams going on, she just came home from school. Her mother had handed over the keys to her as she wouldn’t be home all day.

As she opened the front door, she was astonished to see the room’s condition. Every thing was scattered,  “what a mess this room is!”, Minnie said. She was going to call her mom, then the lights went off. She began murmuring to herself, “who is it? No Minnie it can’t be a ghost. There’s no ghost, keep calm, calmm….”.

Then her horrified scream echoed through the room. The windows had the stamp of two red hands with a word, ‘Ghost‘. The view made Minnie drop her phone down and run out of the room towards the front door. It was closed. She also didn’t had her phone, she dropped it and she was too scared to go where she dropped it. She was walking towards her room and then she saw something. Wondering ‘what!’?

There was a thief in her room dressed in a frock of her and he was going inside the wardrobe to hide. She quietly moved down the stairs as she now understood what the matter was. She picked up her phone, called the police and her mom to tell them about the outsider. She could wait till the police comes but she had a different plan. She tiptoed into her room and locked the wardrobe. Now, it was her turn to scare the thief.

“knock, knock, who’s there inside the cupboard” Minnie said. The thief was scared how does she knew about him? “I am a witch and I am going to perform black magic on you. My first trick will lock this cupboard.” The thief hurriedly checked the cupboard, and it was locked. “Oh no! Please spare me little witch, let me go.”

“No I wouldn’t, there’s another trick left to be performed” Minnie said. “What trick now ?”

Minnie said, “Wait, let me think, what should I do to you”, then she saw the police at her house’s gate.

Minnie said, “and i am going to bring the police here ..and..and.. here they come!”

As Minnie’s words end, there entered the police and her mother. The police unlocked the cupboard and arrested the man. The thief screamed, “Save me from this little witch, please!”

The police made the thief sit in the jeep and congratulated Minnie on her bravery for calling them. And the story ends with Minnie laughing on her trick and the thief’s condition. He was trapped by Minnie’s Ghost

Kumari Anushka
Kumari Anushka is a 13 year old girl. She has a very good command over english language and she is able to express her thoughts and emotion through her writing to the 7th heaven. She has been writing since she was 8 and is inspired from the great Indian writer of British origin Ruskin Bond.


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