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Forever By Your Side

It was winter. The day had been quiet devastating for Emily. She had to fight with her own classmate for her brother, Alan’s mischief . She now wanted a quiet place  where no one would disturb her. Emily walked into the garden and closed her eyes to get a feel of the cool wind blowing.

Ouch ! , she screamed as a snowball hit her face. She could hear Alan giggling, ”was it you who did it ? ”. Alan was somewhat scared to answer in a ‘yes’, as he saw Emily’s reaction to his act, it was just for some fun. Moving backwards, he murmured ‘yes it was me ‘. Emily couldn’t control her anger, she took hold of Alan’s shoulders and said,’‘don’t you care for what i do for you?”, ” i fought for you today, that too with my own classmate”. Alan was too frightened but, he said ‘sorry’. What? you said ‘sorry’. Is that the only word you know? You do mistakes  and then, you say ‘sorry’. You  always want someone by your side to fight for your mistakes .

Emily rummaged around for a while and then said, ”you see that yellow orchid over there”, ”I would run away from home the day it falls”. ”After that, you shall keep searching for someone, to be always by your side”. Alan couldn’t speak a word , he just kept listening .

The next day was Emily’s summer camp. Everybody at home knew, she would return after 6 pm in the evening. Everybody except Alan, after he came home from school, he found that the yellow orchid has fallen down. He rushed inside to find Emily, but, she wasn’t there as it was just 3 pm now. Alan hurriedly went out of home towards the station, to search for Emily.

As Emily returned home she found her mother, father and her neighbours, looking for someone. She heard the news of her brother’s absence from her mother. She was shocked, where could he have gone? Suddenly, her father received a call. With a sigh of relief he answered ”Alan has been found, he is at station’‘. They all rushed towards the station as they heard the relieving news.

Alan hugged Emily as he saw her. ”Why did you come to the station brother?”  ”That yellow orchid fell down, I thought you ran away from home, I was too scared to have no one by my side, if ever I did a mistake”. Emily began to cry and replied, ” Don’t you worry, my dear little brother, I would always and forever, be by your side”.

Kumari Anushka
Kumari Anushka is a 13 year old girl. She has a very good command over english language and she is able to express her thoughts and emotion through her writing to the 7th heaven. She has been writing since she was 8 and is inspired from the great Indian writer of British origin Ruskin Bond.
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