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The Mother Of Inventions

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” Necessity is the mother of inventions .

The quote above is often said, but the story isn’t about the quote above, it is about a girl who proves the quote wrong. A dynamic girl with high ambitions, she is the winner of the INTER SCHOOL SCIENCE FAIR. The story is an excrept from a novel of mine titled ‘THE MOTHER OF INVENTIONS‘. Keep reading below to know her story in the essay she is writing for her school’s examination.


Write an essay on the topic, ”necessity is the mother of inventions”.

No, i totally disagree with the saying quoted above. I am an inventor, my project won the science fair and is selected to represent the state at national level. It was necessity that gave rise to my project, it was me who made the project. I amn’t crediting me for the invention. I am writing this essay to credit my mother who brought me up in difficult times, who struggled through the violent stroms that life brings.

I was born in a family where girls were considered a curse. My birth was a matter of sorrow to the family. Years passed, I was in grade 5 now, when my father took the decision that I wouldn’t pursue any further  studies. I just gave up the hope that I would be able to study further, then a voice rose in protest against my father’s words. It was my mother.

The struggle she did, the sacrifices she made from when I was in grade 5th to the present day when I am preparing for the 10th board exams aren’t finite, they can’t be told in this essay within a word count of 1000 words as they are uncountable and infinite.

She is the writer of my story from being a newborn in this world to representing India at intermational and national level. The quote for which I am against the quote given to write an essay on  is –

”Every mother in this world is the mother of the inventions any great or upcoming scientist makes.”


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Kumari Anushka
Kumari Anushka is a 13 year old girl. She has a very good command over english language and she is able to express her thoughts and emotion through her writing to the 7th heaven. She has been writing since she was 8 and is inspired from the great Indian writer of British origin Ruskin Bond.

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