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Minnie's Ghost

Minnie’s Ghost

Minnie’s Ghost Read on to get a peek into this weird story and the story, is in no way, a horror story! Don’t get scared! Minnie had her exams going on, she just came home from school. Her mother had handed over the keys to her as she wouldn’t be home all day. As she opened the front door, she was astonished to see the room’s condition. Every thing was scattered,  “what a mess this room is!”, Minnie said. She was going to call her mom, then the lights went off. She began murmuring to herself, “who is it? No

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The Mother Of Inventions

” Necessity is the mother of inventions .” The quote above is often said, but the story isn’t about the quote above, it is about a girl who proves the quote wrong. A dynamic girl with high ambitions, she is the winner of the INTER SCHOOL SCIENCE FAIR. The story is an excrept from a novel of mine titled ‘THE MOTHER OF INVENTIONS‘. Keep reading below to know her story in the essay she is writing for her school’s examination. Write an essay on the topic, ”necessity is the mother of inventions”. No, i totally disagree with the saying quoted

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Forever By Your Side

It was winter. The day had been quiet devastating for Emily. She had to fight with her own classmate for her brother, Alan’s mischief . She now wanted a quiet place  where no one would disturb her. Emily walked into the garden and closed her eyes to get a feel of the cool wind blowing. Ouch ! , she screamed as a snowball hit her face. She could hear Alan giggling, ”was it you who did it ? ”. Alan was somewhat scared to answer in a ‘yes’, as he saw Emily’s reaction to his act, it was just for

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Entering into the Dawn & dusk cafe I found her sipping coffee and staring out of the window. The blood stained knife lay next to her handbag, covered with her blue silk scarf. Being morning there was no waiter in the cafe; even the counter boy was also busy with some other work. I soughed – “Shabana?”Shabana moved towards my voice and gave a pale smile.“Is everything alright?” I asked with some doubt. There was enough reason to be anxious. Our common grocery boy Kukku passed the message in hurry – “Shabana madam wants you to meet in cafe. Urgent.”

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