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The Mother Of Inventions

'' Necessity is the mother of inventions .'' The quote above is often said, but the story isn't about the quote above, it is about a girl who proves the quote wrong. A dynamic girl with high ambitions, she is the winner of the INTER SCHOOL SCIENCE FAIR. The story is an excrept from a novel of mine titled 'THE MOTHER OF INVENTIONS'. Keep reading below to know her story in the essay she is writing for her school's examination. Write an essay on the topic, ''necessity is the mother of inventions''. No, i totally disagree with the saying quoted above. I am

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What Is Success ?

Did a question as such, has ever made you to ponder at deep thoughts and ask yourself '' what is your life all about ?''. Mainly, this question  mostly engages a teenagers mind. 'what is your aim ?' 'would you be ever able to achieve it ?'. Everyone wants to be successful, but, a few of them know the real path to success . Being called a successful person really means a lot. But, working hard towards achieving success almost seems as the most frightening nightmare. That nightmare slowly enfolds and engulfs you into a world or sorrow, where you can

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