Saturday, July 20, 2019

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    Is Math An Alien Language ?

    What's your answer to the question? Is math an alien language or is it something that is hidden all around us? For most of us,...

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    Keep Following The Distant Star

    "Dreams are not what make you sleep, they are what keep you awake." The above words were said by the great scientist Dr A.P.J Abdul...

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    Simplest Things for Happiness

    What do you think is more beautiful a coin of gold or a garden of tulips ? We spend multiple hours of our days looking...

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    Minnie’s Ghost

    Minnie's Ghost Read on to get a peek into this weird story and the story, is in no way, a horror story! Don't get scared! Minnie...

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    The Mother Of Inventions

    '' Necessity is the mother of inventions .'' The quote above is often said, but the story isn't about the quote above, it is about...

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