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Dear writers,


We have prepared a draft on working with The Writers. We recommend to go through the same before you start. But even if you do not study the draft and you start writing, our team will do the rest for you. Our purpose is very simple i.e. you get income for whatever time you give to your writing passion.

To start working on The Writers, you simply need to register yourself or login via social account by accepting/ticking our privacy policy. Login via social account is one click login cum registration method to save your time.

Once registration or social login is done, start posting your articles on any subject by choosing appropriate tag (If appropriate tag is not found, just leave, our editors will do it for you).

After you submit 10 articles, on The Writers, you will receive an email to fill up the empanelment form with all necessary details. That’s all !! Now enjoy the life of a freelance writer. You will get paid for every article on The Writers in proportion of the total number of hits received in a month.

We also recommend to visit this page for further updates:

How to earn on The Writers

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