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Is Math An Alien Language ?

Is math an alien language
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What’s your answer to the question? Is math an alien language or is it something that is hidden all around us?

For most of us, a math test is no less than a horror movie. This article is solemnly written by someone who loves mathematics for those who hate it.


How many times have you heard someone say, “I can’t do mathematics?”, chances are that you said that yourself, maybe sometime in your past life. But, when you are saying that harsh words  for the subject, do you even think for a second for why is the subject, the worst  for you?

Mathematics wasn’t made like the various languages you speak, it was discovered. Its something practicle that we find all around us in everything at every second. It is a subject full of patterns discovered by the great creative men who saw these patterns in the surroundings.

And as the Australian maths teacher Eddie Woo says, “Mathematics is a sense that most of us humans fail to perceive. So, its time we should try to refine our mathematical senses by applying the abstract concepts practically.

The following is a winning quote in the maths week competitions written by me –


Kumari Anushka
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