Month: December 2018

Forever By Your Side

It was winter. The day had been quiet devastating for Emily. She had to fight with her own classmate for her brother, Alan’s mischief . She now wanted a quiet place  where no one would disturb her. Emily walked into the garden and closed her eyes to get a feel of the cool wind blowing. Ouch ! , she screamed as a snowball hit her face. She could hear Alan giggling, ”was it you who did it ? ”. Alan was somewhat scared to answer in a ‘yes’, as he saw Emily’s reaction to his act, it was just for

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What Is Success ?

Did a question as such, has ever made you to ponder at deep thoughts and ask yourself ” what is your life all about ?”. Mainly, this question  mostly engages a teenagers mind. ‘what is your aim ?’ ‘would you be ever able to achieve it ?’. Everyone wants to be successful, but, a few of them know the real path to success . Being called a successful person really means a lot. But, working hard towards achieving success almost seems as the most frightening nightmare. That nightmare slowly enfolds and engulfs you into a world or sorrow, where you

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Entering into the Dawn & dusk cafe I found her sipping coffee and staring out of the window. The blood stained knife lay next to her handbag, covered with her blue silk scarf. Being morning there was no waiter in the cafe; even the counter boy was also busy with some other work. I soughed – “Shabana?”Shabana moved towards my voice and gave a pale smile.“Is everything alright?” I asked with some doubt. There was enough reason to be anxious. Our common grocery boy Kukku passed the message in hurry – “Shabana madam wants you to meet in cafe. Urgent.”

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Why we blindly trust any promising lead on the internet

We are all guilty as charged when it comes to accepting offers for online deals or believing in seemingly awesome finds that we just happened to run across. For instance, this very site ’The Writers’.  I’ve never before heard of this innovative writing alternative. I saw the promising idea on Quora, clicked the link, eagerly signed up and jumped into my first article. That’s all it takes for us to jump on the bandwagon towards the newest, cleverly presented trend.  There was no proof of monetization claims. I didn’t stop to view any small print. For all I know.. They

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